About us

We are a team of amateur bakers, children’s educators, writers and sociocultural researchers, based in Athens. What describes us best is that we eat dessert first! But not only… our name symbolises our wish for all the nice and sweet things in life to come first.

Eat Dessert First team doing what she does best… Devouring the sweets they prepared!

And… this is Rupert. He loves sweets!

Ο Ρούπερτ το αρκουδάκι, μια κούπα με γάλα και ένα μπωλάκι με cookies στον πάγκο της κουζίνας
Rupert enjoying his milk with cookies

Our purpose is to approach aspects of the everyday life that are on our minds, by looking at them in a new perspective and studying them in their historic and cultural evolution… all that through our love for desserts. And of course to discover the history of our favorite sweets! Also, we take a sweet trip every now and then, to meet new places, customs, sights, activities, nature and -what else- little local treats! We don’t forget to exercise too, in order to eat our desserts without remorse…

Given our huge sweet tooth, we wish to learn new recipes, to experiment with new techniques and variations, and of course to share our creations. We also want to discover the roots of our favourite desserts, their influences and their variations around the world.

Eat Dessert First team searches tirelessly, day and night, for new sweet stories!

In a special section we focus on subjects of psychology, social awareness, education, creative activities and much more. But Rupert will tell you all about that along the way!

So, come along on this exciting, sweet adventure… Have a nice trip everyone!

*We are truly sorry for any mistakes in our English articles, as we translate all the texts ourselves.

For any idea, collaboration proposal or information contact us at eatdessertfirstgreece@yahoo.com

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  1. Yummy! Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thank you very much! 🙂💜🙏


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