Our recipes

*The recipes are usually at the end of the article.

Chocolate desserts

Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache montée, dark chocolate sprinkles and wafer rolls

Chocolate mousse with extra virgin olive oil and whiskey

Chocolate brownies with walnuts

Healthy no bake chocolate cake with no sugar, with cashews, bran sticks and dates by Maritina

Healthy chocolate custard with biscuits by Athina Panou

Healthy and vegan bird nests with dark chocolate, peanutbutter and bran sticks

Tart with dark chocolate, pears in grape molasses and a base made with extra virgin olive oil

Flourless brownie with berries and almonds

Traditional desserts

Ekmek with tsoureki, a syrup with soumada (orgeat syrup), pastry cream flavored with mastic and whipped cream

Revani from Macedonia

Zarkopita from Epirus

Ekmek kadayifi with vanilla custard, cinnamon whipped cream and peach

Greek roxakia (cocoa and cinnamon syrupy cookies) with extra virgin olive oil

Ladies’ fingers (daktyla) by Mr. George the Cypriot

Loukoumades with honey and cinnamon

Semolina halva 2 in 1, with two layers, one traditional with almonds and raisins and one more modern with chocolate, cashews and dried kiwi

Tarts, layer desserts and entremets

Mrs. Christina’s no-bake summer dessert with wholemeal petit-beurre biscuits, instant vanilla pudding and cinnamon 

Ice cream cake with hazelnut dacquoise and caramelized hazelnuts

Ecological cheesecake with melomakarona

Our own version of Black Forest cake with a fantastic chocolate cake

Clafoutis with apricots and cherries

Easy and healthy no-bake dessert with vanilla pudding, sugar-free biscuits and fresh summer fruits

Greek flan with pâte brisée and pastry cream with soumada syrup

“Choux charlotte” with eclairs filled with chocolate whipped cream, caramel Bavarian cream and caramelised nuts

Individual and mini tarts with pastry cream, strawberry jelly, fresh strawberry and berries from the neighborhood

Greek tiramisu with a savoiardi biscuit base, Greek coffee and anthotyro cream

Cake with crepes, orange cream with sangria and strawberries

Birthday cake with many layers: walnut dacquoise, caramel mousse, apple jelly, crème diplomate and nougatine crisp with walnuts

Greek cheesecake with cinnamon biscuits, anthotyro cheese mousse and homemade quince jam flavored with rose geranium

Linzer torte by Jacquy Pfeiffer

Greek flan with semolina custard, cinnamon and cranberries

Cakes, pancakes and other

Carrot cake with extra virgin olive oil and cream cheese frosting

Homemade vanilla cakes with a recipe for pound cake

Apple doughnuts by Christos Vergados

Cake with Greek coffee and extra virgin olive oil

Croatian strudel with apples, berries and cranberries

Pancakes with homemade caramel sauce

Vanilla cupcakes with candied fruit and chocolate frosting

Healthy apple crumble pie

Cookies, biscuits and petit fours

Homemade cookies with chocolate chips and cashews

Chocolate truffles with whiskey by Despoina Antypa

Chocolate truffles with walnuts

Pastafrolles (filled biscuits)

Honeycomb with fir honey, in two variations, with fresh oregano, and chocolate with fleur de sel

Chocolate egg-truffles with chocolate ganache, biscuits, honey and almond orgeat syrup

Healthy biscuits for dogs and humans

Homemade candy chocolate cookies

Custards, jellies and ice cream

Ice cream cake with hazelnut dacquoise and caramelized hazelnuts

Vegan panna cotta with almond milk and agar agar

Light, healthy and delicious cinnamon mousse with fresh apples and crumble

Coconut-melon jelly

Healthy, sweet “sandwich” with vanilla ice cream with walnuts and whole grain biscuits

Caramel-orange panna cotta

Light lemon-lime mousse with nougatine crisp and berry meringues

Pastry cream

Savory and pies

Traditional batzina from Thessaly

Homemade pizza with Greek products

Smyrnian peinirli with kefalograviera cheese, ham, bacon, egg and grape tomatoes

Sfakianes pites, Sfakia pies with sour mizithra cheese and honey

Karpathos pies with mizithra cheese, honey and cinnamon by Kostis Kostakis

Fragrant homemade bread, in two versions, one with olives and sesame seeds and one with sun-dried tomatoes and oregano

Traditional alevropita with feta cheese by Mrs. Katina

Christmas sweets

Vasilopita of Eat Dessert First Greece



Greek Vasilopita by Varvara the Smyrnian

Yule log filled with chestnut cream an covered with olive oil ganache

Christmas cake prepared with extra virgin olive oil, flavored with spices, decorated with a spicy strawberry jam cream and sprinkled with walnuts and bran sticks

Melomakarona with semolina

Christmas cookies sandwiches with creamed honey

Christmas cookies