When sandwich met ice cream

Summer has arrived for good and our mood for ice cream is up high. In our new article we wanted to combine two of our favorite delicacies, one sweet and one savory, ice cream and sandwiches. So, in our first frozen article we will study the history of sandwiches, we will see famous sandwiches from all over the world, we will learn the history of ice cream sandwiches and we will make our own healthy, sweet “sandwich” with vanilla ice cream with walnuts and whole grain biscuits.

Sandwich is such a simple and ordinary food that there will not be a person in the modern world who has not tried it in some form. Two slices of bread and in between whatever you can imagine. In its simplicity, it can become quite complex, depending on what we fill it with.

In history magazine we read that the sandwich as we know it was invented by British John Montagu, 4th earl of Sandwich in 1762. The myth, with which most scholars agree, says that the earl was addicted to gambling and spent many hours of his day at the gambling table. He once asked forsfor he could eat without getting up from the table, and so the sandwich was born! The new discovery was associated with the name of the earl, who enjoyed it often, and became very popular in London.

John Montagu, 4th earl of Sandwich in a painting by Thomas Gainsborough (source)

The idea of the fast food, which became known as a sandwich, of course, was not considered by the earl from scratch. According to History magazine, the earl had traveled to Greece and Turkey, countries known for their delicacies. The earl’s sandwich delicacy was inspired by the platters of cheeses and cold cuts he had seen in those countries.

Only a few months after the invention of sandwich in 1762, it appears recorded by Edward Gibbon in his diary, in which he wrote that he saw twenty or thirty nobles eating it in a restaurant. By the time of the War of Independence, the sandwich had been established in Great Britain. In the US the sandwich appears a little later, in a cookbook in 1815. The reason for this time difference is that the Americans avoided borrowing items from their former settlers.

Since then, the sandwich has become a favorite fast and junk food in Europe and America, but also elsewhere. There are, in fact, places all over the world that have their own special sandwiches. Let’s see some of them…

France: Croque Monsieur

A warm sandwich with ham and cheese, which we learned that first appeared on the menus of French cafés in 1910. If we add a fried egg, then it becomes a Croque Madame!

French Croque Monsieur (source)
French Croque Madame (source)

USA: Monte Christo

The Monte Christo sandwich is a variation on the French Croque Monsieur. During the period 1930-1960 we read that it was also called “French sandwich”. It is made with slices of bread dipped in egg and fried, with ham and cheese in between.

American Monte Cristo sandwich (source)

USA: Cuban Sandwich

The Cuban sandwich is also a variation on the simple sandwich with ham and cheese, which we learned that was served in Florida cafes, where Cuban workers used to eat. It later became popular in Miami, brought by Cuban immigrants. The classic Cuban sandwich is made with Cuban bread, ham, roast pork, cheese, pickles and mustard.

Cuban sandwich (source)

Italy: Tramezzino

Triangular Italian sandwich, usually made with two slices of bread (only with crumbs) filled with tuna and olives or prosciutto and mozzarella or other flavor combinations.

Italian tramezzini (source)

Japan: Yakisoba pan

Japanese sandwich made with hotdog bread and leftovers from Yakisoba, which is a Japanese noodle dish. We read that yakisoba is made with wheat flour noodles and a seasoning similar to Worcestershire sauce. The dish appeared in Japan in the early 20th century.

Japanese yakisoba pan

Nice and delicious all that, but what we still want to know is how a sweet sandwich that we really like was created, the ice cream sandwich. So we searched and found that ice cream sandwich was invented around 1899, by an ice cream man in New York. The first ice cream sandwich was vanilla ice cream between two thin wafers. The long queues of children made it impossible for him to give change, so he charged a penny.

Ice cream man of the 1920s (πηγή)

Elsewhere we read that the ice cream sandwich in the form we know it was first mass-produced in 1945. Its inventor was Jerry Newberg, who sold ice cream amid soft chocolate biscuits in Pittsburgh, USA. Ice cream sandwich is therefore an American discovery!

Ice cream sandwich in its classic form (source)

Did you know that August 2 is World Ice Cream Sandwich Day? We decided to celebrate it a little earlier, making our own healthy ice cream sandwich with vanilla ice cream with walnuts and whole grain biscuits!

Our recipe

Healthy ice cream sandwich

Ingredients for the ice cream sandwich

Light heavy cream400 ml
Whole heavy cream200 ml
Light cream cheese500 gr
Powdered sugar120 gr
Vanilla or caramel extract1 tsp
Crushed walnuts1 cup
Rectangular whole grain biscuits2 packs

How to make ice cream sandwich

In a bowl, beat the whole cream together with the powdered sugar with the mixer until it acquires the texture of yogurt. In another bowl, mix the light cream with the cream cheese with a hand whisk. Combine the two mixtures, stirring with the hand whisk.

Mix the light cream with the cream cheese.
Beat the whole cream with the mixer until it has a yogurt-like texture. Incorporate the two mixtures by hand, taking care that the whipped cream does not lose its volume.

Add the vanilla extract (we used caramel extract) and put the bowl in the freezer. We want it to become relatively thick so that we can spread it over the biscuits. So we will leave it in the freezer for several hours, stirring every half hour with the hand whisk, so that it freezes evenly. After leaving it in the freezer for an hour, add the grated walnuts. We do this so that the walnuts are combined with the ice cream mixture evenly.

Add the vanilla or caramel extract and place the bowl in the freezer.
When an hour has passed, add the grated walnuts and stir.

After you see that your ice cream has acquired a relatively firm texture (it will take at least two or three hours, depending on the freezer), mix the mixture well with the hand whisk. Line a rectangular pan or mold with your biscuits and carefully pour the ice cream mixture on top. Put it in the freezer for an hour to stabilize and then line the surface with the rest of the biscuits. Place the form in the freezer for many hours -we put it for the whole night.

Line a rectangular pan with biscuits.
Pour the thick ice cream mixture on top.
Put the pan in the freezer for an hour to stabilize.
Put a layer of biscuits on top.

The next day cut your ice cream sandwiches around each biscuit with a good knife.

Enjoy everyone!

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