Here’s an apple to make a dessert!

The new school year began and Rupert began to learn to read and write. Arriving at the letter “m” in the old schoolbook we learn the word “milo” which means apple and we get an appetite for a dessert with apples, since it is their time of the year.

So, in our new sweet article we approach the apple, learn its history and nutrients, find various sweets that include it and make a light, healthy and delicious cinnamon mousse with fresh apples and crumble.

Our healthy and light cinnamon mousse with fresh apples and crumble…

Searching for the history of the apple we found a very interesting genetic study by American and Chinese scientists, which reveals the origin of the apple. The results of the study show that the common western apple is the descendant of a wild apple that appeared about ten thousand years ago in a region of Kazakhstan.

The spread of the apple is due to travelers, soldiers, shepherds, merchants, monks, who, following the Silk Road -the network of trade routes between Europe and Asia- ate apples and threw the leftovers on the ground. Thus, in different parts of the Silk Road, apple trees of various species began to grow. Later travelers carried seeds from wild as well as domesticated apples. Thus, the approximately 7,500 varieties of apples that we have today were gradually created.

We read that in Greece 100,000 acres are cultivated with apple trees all over the country, the second largest arboricultural cultivation of deciduous fruits after the peach. The varieties produced are of different colors, from yellow (Golden Delicious), to red (Red Delicious) and green (Granny Smith).

In fact, in our country we have three varieties of apples with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), the apples of Zagora, the firiki of Pelion, and the apples of Delisius Pilafa of Tripoli. We also have apples with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), the apples of Kastoria.

Firikia of Pelion (source)

An apple a day makes the doctor go away says the famous proverb, and that’s exactly how it is. We read that apples provide us with significant amounts of vitamins, fiber and minerals. They are rich in vitamins A, C, folic acid (B9) and biotin (B7), but also in calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and malic acid. Apples contain soluble fiber that helps in the feeling of satiety, that is, they fill us up. They are also fruits with a low glycemic index. Their peel contains flavonoids, which have strong antioxidant activity and insoluble fiber, which help the proper functioning of the digestive system.

We also learned that a medium-sized apple gives us few calories while providing the body with the energy it needs. Apples also help increase metabolism and are the right fruit for anyone who wants to lose weight.

It is therefore very important to include apples in our diet, as they fill us up and give us energy and nutrients, without giving us calories. In addition to consuming them raw, we can of course turn them into wonderful pastries. From the classic, comfort apple pie to modern creations, the apples in autumn must be honored!

Apple pie is one of the favorite sweets of autumn and comes in various forms. In America and the United Kingdom apple pie is a tart with a lid and pieces of apple inside. The lid often has a lattice pattern.

A classic apple pie (source)
Apple pie with a lid of lattice (source)

In France the apple pie is called Tarte Tatin and is an upside down apple pie with apples that caramelize during baking. Its name comes from two sisters, Stephanie and Caroline Tatin. Read about the mysterious story of Tarte Tatin in our older article.

The famous tart by the Tatin sisters from the hotel website
A French Tarte Tatin (source)

In Austria, Germany and other northern European countries we will find the apple in strudels. Strudel in German means whirlpool. The dessert is essentially a stuffed dough with a delicious apple filling with raisins and cinnamon. Find here our recipe for Croatian strudel with apple, berries and cranberries!

Our strudel with apple, berries and cranberries!
Classic strudel with apples and raisins (source)

In Greece we really like another type of apple pie, the apple crumble pie. It is made with a crumbly, grated dough and it really fills the house with its buttery, fruity aroma… We have also made a healthy apple crumble pie in our older article!

Our healthy, apple crumble pie!
Classic Greek apple crumble pie (source)

With apples we can make individual apple pies, cakes, tarts, pancakes, or even bake them and enjoy them on their own. We can also make delicious jam, flavored with cinnamon or cloves… In this jam we will not need to use pectin, since apples contain natural pectin in their skin and core.

Apple jam (source)

We, on the other hand, decided to make a dessert that will contain fresh apples, to get all their nutrients. So we made a delicious cinnamon mousse with fresh apples and crumble… a healthy and light dessert that is really worth trying!

Our recipe

Cinnamon mousse with fresh apples and crumble

Ingredients for the cinnamon mousse

Cream cheese200 gr
Egg yolks4
Water60 ml
Gelatine powder1 tsp
Sugar100 gr
Heavy cream200 ml
Cinnamon2 tsp
Ingredients for the cinnamon mousse

How to make the cinnamon mousse

Your first step is to whip the whipped cream and leave it at room temperature. Prepare your gelatin: put it in a bowl and pour a tablespoon of water on top.

Then prepare a bain marie, a pot that is boiling with one centimeter of water inside and a bowl with the yolks, water and sugar on top. We want the bowl to be large so that it sits on top of the pot without coming into contact with the boiling water. Beat the yolks constantly with an egg beater and measure the temperature (you will need a kitchen thermometer) until it reaches 74°C.

Pour the yolks into a large bowl.
Add the water to the yolks and stir.
Add the sugar and stir.
Place the bowl on a bain marie, ie a pot of boiling water.
Beat the yolk mixture continuously until it reaches 74°C.

Remove the bowl from the bain marie and add the softened gelatin. Mix well. Add the cream cheese (be careful, it must be at room temperature!) and combine. Pour the mixture into the whipped cream you had prepared and stir. Finally, add the cinnamon and immediately fill your glasses or molds.

Add the cream cheese to the yolk mixture and stir.
Add the whipped cream and stir until you have a smooth, fluid mixture.
Do not forget to add your cinnamon at the end!
We immediately filled our glasses…
…leaving room for fresh apple and crumble!

Ingredients for the crumble

Cake flour140 gr
Brown sugar90 gr
Butter60 gr
Cinnamon1/2 tsp
Liqueur (we used mastic)1 tbsp
Ingredients for the crumble

How to make the crumble

Pour all your ingredients into the mixer bucket and beat for two minutes. Alternatively mix the ingredients with your hands, rubbing them so that the butter goes everywhere. Spread the mixture in a pan and bake in a preheated oven at 170°C for 20 minutes. The crumble is ready!

Pour all your ingredients into the mixer bucket and beat for two minutes.
Alternatively, you can mix the mixture with your hands, rubbing the dough to become crumbly.
Spread the dough in a pan and bake in a preheated oven at 170°C for 20 minutes.

After your mousses stay in the fridge for several hours and thicken, all that remains is to finish your verrines. Finely chop an apple into cubes and pour it over the mousse. Add the crumble and your dessert is ready!

Cut your apple into cubes.
Pour the apple over the cinnamon mousse.
Add the crumble and your healthy desserts are ready!

Enjoy everyone!

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