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Let’s go for cheesecake to Ancient Kydonia!

A sweet article about our Greek cheesecake with cinnamon biscuits, anthotyro cheese mousse and homemade quince and rose geranium jam, along with a trip from Ancient Greece to New York to learn about its history.

A sweet trip to Croatia…. with a strudel in hand

A sweet trip to Varaždin, Croatia with the EU ABCitiEs project: the city’s history, architecture, landmarks, residents, habits, and of course local sweets, along with a recipe for a Croatian strudel with apples, berries and cranberries… because city walks open our appetite!

We all scream for pastry cream!

A nerdy article dedicated to the queen of custards, pastry cream: history, science, techniques, recipe… but also its variations in French pastry, how to make them and in which desserts to use them.

In the morning we eat pancakes like a king!

In this sweet article, we make pancakes for breakfast and research -as always- their history and variations all around the world. Crepes, tiganites, pfannkuchen, naan, æbleskiver, tortillas and many more… We found pancakes in every corner!

Cupcakes or muffins? That is the question!

In search of the answer to our muffins or cupcakes dilemma, we turned to psychology, learned their history and of course baked our own vanilla mini cakes with candied fruit and chocolate frosting. Read all about it!

It takes a lot of love to make halva…

An article dedicated to Greek halva and especially halva Farsalon, through the eyes of a specialist artisan, Theodosios Belederidis. He told us everything… except for his secret! Read our sweet article…

10+1 impressive looks of miss Pasta Flora

A small tribute to miss Pasta Flora, studying her origins, her relatives worldwide and some interesting styling choices of hers, along with our own recipe, inspired by chef Jacquy Pfeiffer of the French Pastry School in Chicago. Read our sweet article…

Right recipe research methodology

A guide of criteria for the choise of the right recipe, dedicated to all the dessert-lovers who found a seemingly “easy” recipe, started preparing it full of dreams and hope… And then, there came tears and anger… Read our article…

Back to school or an apple a day…

To wish a sweet back to school, we started with some thoughts on the transition from preschool to primary school, we travelled to London to talk about healthy school meals and ended up at a mystery story about the French tarte Tatin. And of course we made our own healthy apple crumble pie! Read our article…

Something sweet can bring serenity at home!

Some thoughts on the importance of serenity at home for children, and adults also, to share and put in our minds and our souls. Read our article…

Try our Greek flan with semolina custard, cinnamon and cranberries… It is the best!

We love Greek custard-based desserts -such as the one called galaktoboureko and another one named bougatsa- and of course we adore tarts… We combined all those in our own tart with semolina custard, light and delicious! Read our article…

Ice cream unites us, no matter how we call it!

Pagoto, granita ice cream, sorbet, gelato, parfait, paletas, dondurma, kulfi… love for ice cream is universal! Read our article about the world history of ice cream…

Κομμάτι Linzer torte, ένα στικ κανέλας, ένα σύκο, μερικά φραγκοστάφυλα και φύλλα βασιλικού σε καφέ ορθογώνιο πιάτο

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