A rainy day in Vilia village, Attica

In our new travel article we visit Vilia village, Attica, built on the slopes of mount Kithairon, discover a beautiful church designed by the great architect Ernst Ziller, walk in the alleys of the village, eat the local meats and dessert too and get to know a local cheese shop and its people, in a full and satisfying day trip.

Music, history, tradition and pastafrolles biscuits from Corfu island

In our new travel article we will go on a mental trip to Corfu island through a book by Savalas Publishers, with stories, traditions, music, traditional clothing and authentic local savory and sweet recipes. In the end, we will make Corfiot pastafrolles, biscuits filled with plum jam to close our sweet journey.

#Stayhome and make Greek loukoumades

In our new sweet and fragrant article we will learn the history of Greek loukoumades, various fried dough variations from around the world and the history of their good friend, cinnamon. And as always we will accompany our new knowledge with making our own batch of loukoumades!

#Μένουμε_σπίτι και φτιάχνουμε λουκουμάδες!

Στο νέο γλυκό και μυρωδάτο άρθρο μας θα μάθουμε την ιστορία των λουκουμάδων, τις εκδοχές τους ανά τον κόσμο και την ιστορία της καλής τους φίλης της κανέλας. Και όπως πάντα θα συνοδέψουμε τις γνώσεις μας φτιάχνοντας τη δικιά μας μερίδα!