Petit-beurre biscuits and a homemade, easy, summer dessert!

In our new summer article we learn the history of the iconic petit-beurre biscuit, we get ideas from various easy, homemade no-bake desserts with biscuits and we make Mrs. Christina’s summer dessert with wholemeal petit-beurre biscuits, instant vanilla pudding and another secret ingredient that makes the difference!

Something sweet, homemade cookies

In our new freshly baked article we will approach cookies, learn their history and make delicious homemade cookies with chocolate chips and cashews!

Stories, flavors and memories from Smyrna…

This nostalgic article will be a mental trip to Smyrna, one of our lost homes… We will try to weave a short story through the everyday lives of people of Smyrna, through the buildings and the port of the city, objects and souvenirs, and of their course food and desserts. In the end, we will make Smyrnian peinirli with kefalograviera cheese, ham, bacon, egg and grape tomatoes!

Greek roxakia and other swirly treats…

In our new swirly article we will make traditional Greek roxakia (cocoa and cinnamon syrupy cookies) with extra virgin olive oil, and look for sweets prepared with the swirl technique, with amazing decorations and flavour combinations!

Ροξάκια και άλλα στροβιλιστά γλυκάκια

Στο νέο στροβιλιστό μας άρθρο θα φτιάξουμε τα δικά μας νηστίσιμα ροξάκια με εξαιρετικό παρθένο ελαιόλαδο, και θα αναζητήσουμε ιδέες για διάφορα γλυκάκια που φτιάχνονται με την τεχνική του στροβίλου, με φανταστικά σχέδια και γευστικούς συνδυασμούς!

Woof, meow and other stories of good psychology…

Our first pet friendly article is dedicated to our best friends, animals. We will learn about the benefits of having pets at home from the evolutionary psychologist Magda Daskalaki and we will share our personal story, along with a surprise recipe, healthy biscuits for dogs and humans!